Bioconcept BC Simplified Surgical Set TL Standard KIT



100% Straumann Compatible BC Simplified Surgical Set TL Standard KIT for Tissue Level System

Qty:49pcs, including the cassette.

Products Code for Order: 056300


TL Standard KIT

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Brand:  Products Code for Order:  056300
Material: Stainless Steel Package: Non Sterilized


Surgical Planning Aids
P/N Description Size  Quantity
053050 Diagnostic T, auxiliary instrument for diagnosis, length 65.0mm, width 33.0mm 1pcs
Auxiliary Surgery Instruments
P/N Description Size  Quantity
055100 Ratchet incl. service instrument length 84.0mm 1pcs
055110 Torque control device for ratchet length 82.0mm 1pcs
055120 Service instrument for ratchet length 50.0mm 1pcs
056020 Holding key for transfer section length 85.0mm 1pcs
055010 Adapter for ratchet ,extra short length 11.0mm 1pcs
055020 Adapter for ratchet , short length 18.0mm 1pcs
055040 Adapter for handpiece adapter, extra short length 19.0mm 1pcs
055050 Adapter for handpiece adapter, short length 26.0mm 1pcs
056030 Tissue Level Surgical cassette, excluding screw container 290×175×62mm 1pcs
054010 SCS Screwdriver , extra short,for ratchet, length 15.0mm 1pcs
054020 SCS Screwdriver , short length 21.0mm 1pcs
054030 SCS Screwdriver , long length 27.0mm 1pcs
054040 SCS Screwdriver , extra short, for handpiece adapter length 20.0mm 1pcs
054050 SCS Screwdriver , short, for handpiece adapter length 26.0mm 1pcs
054060 SCS Screwdriver , long, for handpiece adapter length 32.0mm 1pcs
055070 Solid abutment driver, short, for RN solid abutment 6° length 13.0mm 1pcs
055080 Solid abutment driver, long, for RN solid abutment 6° length 19.0mm 1pcs
Surgical Instruments
P/N Description Size  Quantity
051010 Round burr φ1.4mm 1pcs
051020 Round burr φ2.3mm 1pcs
051030 Round burr φ3.1mm 1pcs
051040 Pilot drill 1, short φ2.2mm, length 33.0mm 1pcs
051050 Pilot drill 1, long φ2.2mm, length 41.0mm 1pcs
053010 Alignment pin φ2.2mm, length 28.0mm 2pcs
051060 Pilot drill 2, short φ2.8mm, length 33.0mm 1pcs
051070 Pilot drill 2, long φ2.8mm, length 41.0mm 1pcs
053020 Depth gauge, with distal indicator φ2.8mm, length 27.0mm 2pcs
051240 Tap, short φ3.3mm, length 30.0mm 1pcs
051260 Adapter tap φ3.3mm, length 23.0mm 1pcs
Endosteal φ4.1mm Special
051080 Twist drill, short φ3.5mm, length 33.0mm 1pcs
051090 Twist drill, long φ3.5mm, length 41.0mm 1pcs
053030 Depth gauge for Standard and Standard Plus Implants φ4.1mm, φ3.5mm, length 26.0mm 2pcs
051270 Tap, short φ4.1mm, length 30.0mm 1pcs
051290 Adapter tap φ4.1mm, length 23.0mm 1pcs
Endosteal φ4.8mm Special
051100 Twist drill, short φ4.2mm, length 33.0mm 1pcs
051110 Twist drill, long φ4.2mm, length 41.0mm 1pcs
053040 Depth gauge for Standard and Standard Plus Implants φ4.8mm, φ4.2mm, length 26.0mm 2pcs
051300 Tap, short φ4.8mm, length 30.0mm 1pcs
051320 Adapter tap φ4.8mm, length 23.0mm 1pcs
Profile drill
051120 SP Profile drill, short φ2.8mm, RN, length 25.0mm 1pcs
051130 SP Profile drill, long φ2.8mm, RN, length 34.0mm 1pcs
051140 SP Profile drill, short φ3.5mm, RN, length 25.0mm 1pcs
051150 SP Profile drill, long φ3.5mm, RN, length 34.0mm 1pcs
051160 SP Profile drill, short φ4.2mm, WN, length 25.0mm 1pcs
051170 SP Profile drill, long φ4.2mm, WN, length 34.0mm 1pcs


Raw Material: Stainless Steel
Package: Non-Sterilized
Weight: 200 g
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