About Bioconcept Australia

Bioconcept Australia was established by Australian dentist, Dr Nick Hocking, who has operated a referral-based implant practice in Macquarie Street, Sydney, for over 20 years.

Up until now, dental implants and associated components have been prohibitively expensive, which Dr Hocking believes has prevented dentists from being able to offer many patients implant-supported dentistry in situations where it is by far the most appropriate treatment.

Furthermore, patients in recent times have had to travel overseas to receive implant-supported dentistry because of the costs involved here in Australia. Dr Hocking thought all of these issues could be resolved if the cost of implants and their components could be dramatically reduced. Enter Bioconcept Australia where dentists can now buy the generic version of European implants and components for a fraction of the cost without any compromise in quality.

In recent years European implant companies have moved away from traditional designs but in fact most dentists would prefer a tried and tested design, geometry and SLA surface they can trust, which is what Bioconcept offers. Bioconcept products have been used in over 50 countries since 2007, and our implants and components are 100% compatible with Straumann (tissue level and bone level), Nobel Biocare and OSSTEM implant systems.

Bioconcept sells exclusively through this website which means we can pass dramatic savings onto our customers by avoiding expensive marketing and the use of sales representatives. However, we understand our customers may have questions and technical queries about our products every now and then and Dr Hocking and his team are happy to assist with those enquiries.

The Manufacture and Quality of Bioconcept Implants

  • Bioconcept implants are made from high grade raw materials which are sourced from the German Company (ZAPP), which provides the same raw material to Straumann.
  • Bioconcept’s manufacturing process uses state of the art Japanese (Komatsu) CNC Machines to provide an end product that is indistinguishable from leading European implant companies. This ensures the creation of a product that is of the highest quality and 100% compatible with the market leaders.
  • Bioconcept implants come with the tried and tested evidence-based SLA surface which will enhance the osseointegration and thus improve the stability of the implant.
  • Bioconcept products have achieved ISO certification (13485) in the field of Quality Control.
  • The packaging and sterilisation of this equipment is second to none, with procedures carried out identical to European manufacturers including 100,000 clean room packing and sterilization by gamma radiation.

Other Products

In addition to implants, Bioconcept also produces a wide range of drills, drill kits and other surgical equipment which are produced by Paragon Medical, a US company which also provides all drills and drill kits to Straumann.