Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Bioconcept products?

Bioconcept New Zealand sells dental implants and related products to dentists exclusively via this online platform. This is designed to cut out distribution costs such as warehousing, sales representatives and other such costs so that the savings can be passed directly onto you, the dentist.

What is the company background of Bioconcept Australia?

Bioconcept Australia was established by Dr Nick Hocking who has operated a referral based practice for over 20 years in Macquarie Street, Sydney. He saw that Bioconcept was replicating the high quality implant that Straumann has been producing for 25 years for a fraction of the price. The manufacturing process is identical to that of Straumann, starting with the same raw material sourced from the same Germany company, through to the use of Japanese CNC milling machines, followed by the use of exacting cleaning and sterilisation processes identical to Straumann.

For more about us, please see the About page on our website.

Are Bioconcept products registered with the TGA?

Yes, all Bioconcept Australia products are registered with the TGA.

Will my existing Straumann components work with Bioconcept implants?

Yes, they will because our components and implants are identical to Straumann components and implants in every way.

What raw material is used in the implants?

Our implants are made of high grade commercially pure IV titanium, and all raw materials are imported from Germany, from ZAPP GmbH(

Do you have any certification to guarantee the quality of your products?

The Bioconcept Implant System has the following certifications/approvals: CE0197, ISO 13485, SFDA (Class III), CMDCAS (North America), and Australian TGA (ARTG 314894).

Is there a minimum order?

No, you can order as much as you like.

What is your delivery process?

Your order will be fulfilled in China and delivered to you via DHL Express, which is an international courier service.

Delivery normally occurs within 4 to 5 days from confirmation of your order. We will email you the tracking number of your package so that you can track it up to delivery.

Will I be charged customs duty?

You will not be charged any customs duty because it does not apply to dental implants and associated componentry.

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

Please fill out our contact form and include as many details as possible about your order and any queries or problems you are having.  We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours, and will do everything we can to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, including helping you identify the best product for your clinical case.