Bioconcept Transition Set

  • Includes all instrumentation needed for those clinicians who already have an implant surgical kit and want to transition to Bioconcept implants
  • Just add these components to your existing surgical set up and you’re ready to go

Cassette NOT included


This set includes the minimum number of surgical instruments which are needed to place Straumann compatible tissue level implants. It’s designed to help dentists transition to the Bioconcept system inexpensively and efficiently. This set does not include a cassette as it is assumed the operator will already have a pre-existing surgical cassette which can be used. Empty cassettes are available here.

Product no. Description
055100 Ratchet incl. service instrument 84.0mm
055110 Torque control device for ratchet 82.0mm
056020 Holding key for transfer section 85.0mm
055010 Adapter for ratchet, extra short 11.0mm
055020 Adapter for ratchet, short 18.0mm
055040 Adapter for handpiece adapter, extra short 19.0mm
055050 Adapter for handpiece adapter, short 26.0mm
054010 SCS Screwdriver, extra short, for ratchet 15.0mm
054020 SCS Screwdriver, short 21.0mm
054050 SCS Screwdriver, short, for handpiece adapter 26.0mm
051070 Pilot drill 2, long φ2.8mm, length 41.0mm
053020 Depth gauge, with distal indicator φ2.8mm, length 27.0mm
051080 Twist drill, short φ3.5mm, length 33.0mm
051090 Twist drill, long φ3.5mm, length 41.0mm
053030 Depth gauge for Standard and Standard Plus Implants φ4.1mm, φ3.5mm, length 26.0mm
051270 Tap, short φ4.1mm, length 30.0mm
051100 Twist drill, short φ4.2mm, length 33.0mm
051300 Tap, short φ4.8mm, length 30.0mm
051150 SP Profile drill, long φ3.5mm, RN, length 34.0mm
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